Club Resources


The Joint Meeting Program Grant is designed with a three-fold purpose:
1. To enhance individual club programming capabilities
2. To encourage inter-club camaraderie
3. To increase M.A.R. support to its member clubs.

1. The joint program must be planned for at least two (2) clubs in good standing in the M.A.R. The application must be submitted at least six (6) weeks in advance of the program.

2. The program must be of Jewish content or be ofrelevant content to the Jewish community, and the program dates must not conflict with other planned regional activities.

3. M.A.R. will grant up to $200 toward program speaker cost only. The clubs in this joint program will assume the responsibility for publicity, transportation costs of the speaker and other related costs of their program.

4. Regional funds are budgeted and will be distributed on a first come basis. Grants from M.A.R. will be sent one week prior to the date of the program.

5. If the club receives a grant from the Region and the program is canceled, the grant must be returned to the Region within 10 working days.

6. Clubs that receive funds must submit appropriate receipts within 10 days of the subsidized program.

The Advantages of Membership

Because your club is an affiliate, you are eligible to receive many benefits:

  • Outstanding training seminars for Men's Club leadership
  • Innovative adult education programs, and an annual cycle of programming
  • Membership retention and expansion programs
  • Informative newspapers and newsletters for Men's Club members and leaders
  • Membership support services provided by the FJMC's professional staff and experienced volunteers as well as local support from regional officers

The Intangible Benefit

The benefits of membership extend beyond the programs and services you receive. Individuals can gain a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction through participation in their Men’s Club and become more sensitive to the Conservative Movement agenda.

Involving Jewish Men in Jewish Life

The camaraderie and fellowship which arises from involvement in your individual Men’s Club extends to your membership in the Middle Atlantic Region of the International Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs. Knowing that there are men similar to you and clubs similar to yours, welcoming you into the greater community of Jewish Men’s Clubs, fosters a sense of being a part of a greater organization with common goals.

Our Men’s Clubs support communities in need. Special appeals have helped to rebuild FJMC communities devastated by Hurricane Andrew and have assisted to strengthen our Movement’s Masorti institutions in Israel and Europe.

This past year, FJMC members supported religious pluralism in Israel by sending delegates to the World Zionist Congress to represent our growing Movement.

FJMC officers work closely with the Jewish Theological Seminary, University of Judaism, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, The Rabbinical Assembly, and Women’s League for Conservative Judaism to provide you with a strong voice within the Conservative Movement supporting issues that are important to your Men’s Club. The FJMC also speaks out for world Jewry by maintaining a non-governmental (NGO) status at the United Nations.